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Name Website
Aachen - City of Germany
Abashiri-City on the eastern Coast of Hokkaido - Japan
Aberdeen - City of England - UK - United Kingdom
Abidjan - Port City Ivory Coast
Abidjan-Yamoussoukro-Capital City of the Ivory Coast-Africa
Abuja - Capital City of Nigeria
Acapulco - Acapulco de Juarez - City of Mexico - wikioedia
Accra - Capital City of Ghana
Adana- a Major City in Southern Turkey
Addis Ababa - Capital City of Ethiopia
Addison Metal.Roofing FLA City 33034 - USA
Adelaide - City of Australia/Australien
Adenau - City of Germany
Adliswil - City of Switzerland - CH-8134 Schweiz
Afula - City in the North District of Israel
Agadir - City of Morocco - Marokko
Agadir - City of Morocco /Marokko
Agra - City of India
Ahmedabad - City of India - wikitravel.Info
Akita - Prefecture of Japan
Alappuzha / Alleppey - City of India - wikipedia-info
Alba - Piedmont City of Italy / Italien - Wikipedia
Albany - Capital City of the State of New York
Albany - City of Western Australia
Alberta - City of USA
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